Attention: Odense is undergoing a major transformation, and the area around Hotel Odeon is right now in the finishing stages of being turned into a new and modern urban neighborhood.

This can cause certain roads to become closed or diverted – if you’d like to get a fully updated status on how traffic is moving around the hotel, please click here.

In the underground car park below the hotel, we have marked parking spaces for guests – these cannot be booked in advance, but are available on a first come, first served basis.

There are four entry and exit points to the underground car park:

  • Odense P North from Thomas B. Thriges Gade.
  • Odense P East from Hans Mules Gade.
  • Odense P West from Nørregade.
  • Odense P South from Albanigade.

Important information:
Please remember to set your parking disc. Afterwards you will have 15 minutes to register your license plate at reception.

If you forget to register your car, you may receive a parking ticket. As the parking attendants work for EuroPark, we therefore refer any complaints to their customer service department. Contact them at

The hotel renounces all responsibility concerning prospective charges and damages.

  • Please note: There will always be a red light above the hotel’s parking spaces at P-09 on “Niveau 1” (Level 1) and P-05 on “Niveau 2” (Level -2), as this indicates that these are reserved for the hotel.
  • The car park is open 24 hours.
  • The parking fee is 100 Danish kroner a day. Payment takes places at reception upon check out.
  • The car park has a maximum height of 2,2 meters.

On the map at the bottom of the site, you can see different addresses for the three entrances to underground car parks.

Click here to open wayfinding to our parking spaces in Google Maps.

Electric cars
Odense Kommune has public chargers between our spaces on N-1 and the public parking spaces. Unfortunately reservation is not possible.

Disability Parking
There is disability parking in the parking basement below the hotel.
If you want to make use of the free disability offer in the parking basement, do the following:
Place your valid disability card so that it can be seen clearly in the windshield of the car and make a disability registration at one of the ticket machines.
When you want to leave the p-basement with your car, you do not have to check out.
If you have problems with the ticket machines, check-in or similar, please contact APCOA PARKING at: 76 11 74 21 or

Other questions
If you need more information, please contact our reception at

Parking 1

Thomas B. Thriges Gd., 5000 Odense, Denmark

Parking 2

Hans Mules Gade 12, 5000 Odense, Denmark

Parking 3

Nørregade 63, 5000 Odense, Denmark

Parking 4

Albani Torv 5B, 5000 Odense, Danmark

Danmark, Odense, Hotel Odeon

In the centre
of Odense

  • Entrance to underground car parks