A Treat by Meyers

Welcome to A treat by Meyers

The place where it’s okay to expect more!

A treat by Meyers is a collective term for everything about upgrading your experience; whether it’s something you know you’re getting beforehand or a surprise. Welcome to the extraordinary in the ordinary meeting – your way to memorable meetings!

As head chef at H.C. by Meyers, my main mission is to create an unforgettable dining experience for all visitors – including business events. With our concept, ‘A treat by Meyers’, we take pride in tailoring every detail so that no two meetings are the same. From the customised lunch experience to unexpected culinary surprises, we strive to give your business a unique and memorable day. With us, it’s not just about eating, but about experiencing and savouring every moment with exceptional gastronomy and service. I can’t wait to surprise you!

Irene, Head Chef at H.C. by Meyers