Open-faced sandwich (smørrebrød)

We reinterpret the classic Danish “smørrebrød”. 

Try our take on the Danes’ favourite lunch Monday – Saturday 12-4 pm.

2 pcs. open-faced sandwich of the chef’s choice & 1 glass of wine, beer or soda
245 DKK


Prawns – Asparagus – Herb mix
Hand-peeled shrimps, steamed white asparagus, pickled asparagus, dill mayo & herb mix
120 DKK

Herring – Rhubarb – Creme fraiche
Rhubarb marinated herring, rhubarb compote, red onion & whipped sour cream with black pepper
120 DKK


Pork – Peppers – Wasabi
Smoked pork breast with barbecue glaze, grilled peppers, pickled peppers & wasabi mayo
120 DKK

Beef – Tomato – Nuts
Lightly grilled beef tenderloin, baked tomato, vanilla pickled tomato, roasted nuts & sorrel
120 DKK


Cauliflower – Goat cheese – Truffle
Roasted cauliflower, goat cheese cream, roasted almonds, fried capers & browned butter with truffle
120 DKK


Ask the waiter for information about the seasonal dessert
125 DKK