One of the best parties are the ones where love is celebrated and where there is room for extra pampering – the wedding.

With a wedding celebration in H.C. by Meyers at Hotel Odeon, you get a perfect location in central Odense – right next to H.C. Andersen’s charming and idyllic old town district with historic houses, hollyhocks and cobblestones.

And when the wedding couple says goodbye for the evening, the hotel room for both bride and groom and guests is just an elevator ride away.

Below you can see suggestions for content and a price example for a wedding:

Example of spring-/summer wedding menu

5.00 pm – 2.00 am
Sparkling wine, snacks and 3-course menu


Asparagus – Rømø-shrimps – Hollandaise – Herbs

Butter steamed white asparagus, shrimps from Rømø tossed with lemon, airy hollandaise sauce & herb salad with green asparagus crudité.


Quail – Carrot – Cauilflower – Peas – New Danish potatoes

Stuffed quail, butter-fried carrots, cauliflower puree, cauliflower crudité. Served with creamy sauce with freshly shelled peas and new Danish potatoes tossed in butter and herbs.


Strawberry – Vanilla – Chocolate

Mini-strawberry pies, vanilla icecream and crystallized chocolate.


Beverages ad libitum (wine, beer & soda)

Coffee/tea with sweet. Bar with liquor til 01.30am.

Late night snack

Example of midnight snack:

– Charcuteri
– Build your own-hotdogs
– Rich savory pies

To be served at 01.00 am.

DKK 1.499 per person



From DKK 65 per glass


From DKK 20 per person


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