Have your food brought to your hotel room and enjoy it in a quiet environment in your own company.

You can order anything from the menu below between 12.00 – 21.30 Monday – Saturday.

You can order our hot sandwich and drinks from our bar menu, wine list and cocktail and gin list 24 hours a day.

Order room service by contacting the restaurant on tel. +45 6542 0520.

A roomservice fee of 55 DKK will be charged.



We will go through an order form and check the desired dishes from the breakfast buffet.

Choose from different types of bread, cheeses, jams, butter, cold cuts, yogurt, eggs, bacon, sausages, pastries, vegetables, fruit, juice, coffee, tea and cocoa.

Breakfast must be ordered the day before by 23:00.
An additional service charge of 145 DKK per person will be charged in addition to the roomservice fee.


Warm sandwich

Turkey – Cheese – Pesto – Mayo

75 DKK

The sandwich can be ordered 24 hours a day.



White asparagus – Carrots – Chives
Steamed white asparagus, pea puree, small carrots, sherry pickled pearl onions.
Served with grilled chives, browned butter sauce & new potatoes mixed in butter and herbs. 

Starter 155 DKK
Main course 235 DDK


Fennel – Asparagus – Feta cheese
Fennel slices, fried green asparagus, pickled radishes, baby carrots, feta cheese cream with herbs & croutons with herbs

Starter 85 DKK
Main course 135 DKK

Add grilled goat cheese 35 DKK


Meat and fish

Fish of the day – Lemon – Hazelnuts
Fish baked with parsley panade, lemon cream, roasted hazelnut & selery puree.
Served with sauce with herbs & new potatoes mixed in butter and herbs.

Starter 155 DKK
Main course 265 DKK

Ribeye – Asparagus – Carrot
300 g Ribeye, butter fried asparagus, new onions & baby carrots.
Red wine sauce with basil and cardamom & new potatoes tossed in butter and herbs.

345,- DKK

Burger – Pork – Coleslaw – Wild Garlic
Well-seasoned pulled pork, coleslaw of carrots and scallions, pickled cucumbers & wild garlic mayo

or as a vegetarian
145 DKK

Fried potatoes 35 DKK
Bacon 15 DKK
Cheese 15 DKK


Classic Danish meal

Allegården’s chicken – Rhubarb – Gravy – Potato
Allegården’s chicken, rhubarb compote, pickled cucumbers, new potatoes & gravy
incl. 1 beverage (glass of wine, draft beer or soft drink)

265 DKK


Cheese and dessert

Cheeses with homemade garnish and crispy bread

3 kinds of cheeses 125 DKK
5 kinds of cheeses 155 DKK

Lemon Fromage – Nuts – Mascarpone
Lemon fromage, crunchy nut crackers, nougatine
mascarpone cream

120 DKK

Rhubarb – White chocolate – Nuts
Tart with nuts/chocolate cream, rhubarb compote, rhubarb sorbet & crystallized white chocolate

120 DKK


Children’s menu

Spaghetti Bolognese
Severed with ketchup and parmesan cheese

95 DKK

Burger with beef, ketchup, lettuce, cucumber & tomato

95 DKK

Cheese 15 DKK
Bacon 15 DKK