At Hotel Odeon, we run our hotel with careful consideration. We have an increasing focus on the environment – and we ensure this by having a sustainable consciousness across the hotel, the restaurant and our surroundings.

In 2023, we received the prestigious Green Key certification, the tourism industry’s international eco-label, recognising that sustainability is a priority at the hotel.

Here are some of our sustainable initiatives:

  • Climate friendly Sedum roof
    Our green Sedum roof has a positive influence on the environment, as it binds large amounts of rain water and thereby relieves the pressure on the city’s drainage system.
  • Solar power
    Our solar cells cover up to 20 % of the hotel’s electricity consumption.
  • Less energy consumption
    An entire 90 % of the hotel’s lighting is LED – this ensures less energy consumption. LED lighting uses 80 % less energy than a regular light bulb.
  • Sustainable carpeting
    The lovely carpets in our corridors and common areas are made from recycled fishing nets.
  • Less plastic
    In our rooms you will find a water carafe – not bottled mineral water. The tap water in Denmark is high quality and, tastes great.
  • Organic restaurant
    Restaurant H.C. by Meyers has a strong focus on organic and sustainable gastronomic experiences. At the same time we strive to reduce food waste with careful planning and consideration.
  • Waste management
    The kitchen of H.C. by Meyers ensures good hygiene and optimum waste management by using a waste disposal unit. This unit effectively shreds organic waste to bits and pieces and ships it directly into the sewage and wastewater system.