Meeting Room 4 – The Wild Swans

The smallest of our meeting rooms has plenty of room for 8 persons with a décor that is strikingly elegant and comfortable.

The room is located near our lovely lounge area, and similarly to the rest of the hotel, even the smallest of details has been thoroughly thought through. This is also the case with the acoustic, which has been treated specially so you feel calmness surround you from the moment you step inside.

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Both the size of the room and the décor makes it ideal for:
• Board and management meetings
• Showroom
• Workshops
• Strategy meetings
• Job interviews
• Team meetings
• Private dining after a meeting
• Video conference calls (extra charge)

Measurements of the room: 3,8 x 6,6 meters

As is the case with our other meeting rooms, all catering is provided by our own restaurant, H.C. by Meyers.

Facilities & services

Maximum amount of people
65" Samsung flat screen with soundbar and Barco Clickshare for wireless screen sharing
Our own restaurant, H.C by Meyers
Acoustically treated
Parking is situed in the parking lot under the hotel (straight access to the lobby). Price: 150 DKK/day
Full-service from beginning to end