H.C. by Meyers

Restaurant H.C. by Meyers welcomes you at Hotel Odeon

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Restaurant H.C. by Meyers has its roots solidly planted in the traditions of the Nordic kitchen, but we also reach towards the tastes of other kitchens of the world, which can elevate foods from the Danish vegetable garden.

In the morning we offer a modern breakfast buffet while the evening menu consists of small starters as well as a selection of larger dishes from the classic bistro cuisine.

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Ecology, thought, sustainability and taste are our reference points, just as our kitchen places the green aspect high in the hierarchy on the plate, along with the best quality meat.

We diligently use the special delicacies from Meyer’s own smoke house in Nordhavn and selected specialties from the diary in Broby in Funen, just as Meyer’s experience with forceful sourdough breads are carried on in our own bakery

At restaurant H.C. by Meyers we offer a casual dining experience in the beautiful surroundings at the Hotel Odeon and we welcome both visitors to the hotel and passers-by to join the table.